The families of Alexandra and Luiza, the two girls kidnapped and killed in Caracal, argued at the Craiova Court of Appeal

Huge scandal between the family of Alexandra Măceşanu and Luiza Melencu in front of the Craiova Court of Appeal. Luiza’s family demands the declassification of the file, while Alexandra’s parents vehemently oppose it.

“There won’t be, it wasn’t from the beginning and it won’t be until the end, a fair and honest trial as what happened in reality at Caracal should go,” said Stelian Iordache, Luiza Melencu’s grandfather.

The break occurred when Luiza Melencu’s family requested that the file be made public, but Alexandra Macesanu’s side categorically opposed it.

“Procedurally, on the date of committing the acts, Alexandra was a minor. It is the parents’ complaint and the procedure is not wrong to be a non-public meeting. It is the request of the Prosecutor’s Office, I adhered to this point of view”, said Aurel Moldovan, the lawyer of the Măceşanu family.

“Alexandra’s mother made two calls. It is impossible for a mother who is devastated that her child has disappeared to look for her 14-year-old daughter with two phone calls. There are two possibilities: either she did not look for her, but I find it hard to believe this , or were deleted by the investigators. Why? What other conversations were deleted from the phones of the Măceşanu family?”, said Carmen Obârşanu, the lawyer of the Melencu family.

The disagreements continued in the courtroom.

“I had a small conflict with the great Moldovan lawyer. He made me a vagabond. Luiza should have been 20 or so years old, and the other 19 years old. The press must have access to the courtroom,” explained Luiza’s grandfather.

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The first term for appeal in the Caracal file it was thus postponed until March 9.

At the trial, Gheorghe Dincă was also present, as well as his accomplice, Ștefan Risipiteanu.

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