The family doctor remains the first point of contact

The 14th Covid fatality is reported in the Schwandorf district. An 82-year-old woman died in the hospital in Schwandorf. For four new infections on Tuesday, the statistics look like this: There are 418 confirmed infections, 254 recovered.

Schwandorf district. Patients who think they have Corona or are experiencing symptoms should continue to contact their family doctor first. However, contact must be made by phone so that an infection cannot be put into practice. Otherwise the risk would be too great that the practice would have to be closed for two weeks in the event of contamination. It is also the family doctor who decides whether someone needs to be tested and who registers the patient with the central test center. Anyone who is tested will not receive the test result from the laboratory. “Calls to laboratories are completely out of place and only lead to unnecessary delays”, press spokesman Hans Prechtl makes clear. If the test gives a positive result, the patient receives a message from the health department. If the smear is negative, the family doctor gives the feedback.


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