The family traveling in a Guatemalan vehicle suffers an accident on the Santa Ana Highway


In fact, a married couple lost their lives, while their younger son was injured

A family traveling in a vehicle with Guatemalan license plates suffered a traffic accident Sunday afternoon on the 67 kilometer road leading to Santa Ana Chalchuapa, reported by the Traffic Division of the National Civil Police (PNC) and relief corps.

A couple of spouses died in the accident, and their minor child was injured, he detailed the firemen.

In car accident The driver of the P 391GNJ truck with Guatemalan plates and a P 662-780 truck driver were involved.

The Cruz Verde staff, the firemen and the PNC participated in the emergency. Photo: Courtesy fire brigade

Oswaldo Alfredo Lara Arévalo and Lena's Lorena Guadalupe Burgos lost their lives in fact, sources of relief bodies said.

Meanwhile, a child of 13, the couple's son, was transferred to the San Juan de Dios hospital in Santa Ana, according to the fire and traffic police

Between Friday 10 May and 9:00 on Saturday morning, the Traffic Police reported 49 accidents in El Salvador, where there were 26 wounded and one dead.

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