the famous actor repeated the fate of the humorist Koklyushkin

The funeral of actor Igor Savochkin was quiet.

The deceased actor of “Night Watch” Igor Savochkin repeated the sad fate of humorist Viktor Koklyushkin. On Saturday, November 20, the artist’s funeral took place in Moscow, to which none of Savochkin’s famous colleagues came.

Only members of the Savochkin family and some of his friends arrived to see the actor on his last journey. Information about the place and time of farewell to Savochkin was disseminated only through social networks among his friends and colleagues.

It is noteworthy that during his lifetime, many noted the undoubted talent of the actor and his natural magnetism. Why the celebrity colleagues ignored the funeral event, the journalists were unable to find out, reports “Express newspaper».

It is noteworthy that not so long ago something similar happened to the comedian Viktor Koklyushkin. At the funeral, except for Efim Shifrin, none of the comedians appeared.

Photo source: Legion-media

Alina Krylova

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