The famous say goodbye to the designer Elsa Serrano, symbol of the fashion of the 80s and 90s

“Dear Elsa, what an enormous sadness I feel with your painful tragedy,” wrote Andrea Politti, host of the program “Corte y confección” (eltrece), on her Twitter account, where Serrano had made his last public appearance in the media.

“I will always remember you as an excellent professional, a tireless fighter, a beautiful person and as my Friend. My deepest condolences to her family,” added the actress.

For her part, Flor de la V wrote: “Dismayed by this sad news. Elsa Serrano was a great pioneer in fashion. She made iconic dresses that we will remember forever. My condolences to all her family and friends.

Born Elsa Romio in Calabria, Italy, Serrano arrived in Argentina when she was just 14 years old in the mid-1950s, after a long boat trip, although she began to take the steps in the design trade in 1968.

The great leap came from the hand of her second marriage, with Alfredo Serrano, a textile businessman with whom she built an empire that, catapulted by her personal style, made her a benchmark for haute couture and a registered trademark in Argentina and the world.

His creations, erected in true objects of desire, dressed Claudia Villafañe among other names in her media wedding with Diego Maradona at the Luna Park stadium in Buenos Aires, in November 1989; that dress cost, as it became known, $ 30,000.

The designer’s relationship with the jet set, which would cement her as a symbol of the opulence of the Menem decade, would be based on her ability to dress figures such as Mirtha Legrand, Susana Giménez, actress Sophia Loren and dancer Maya Plisétskaya. among other.

His most controversial side, which earned him the uncomfortable label of “dressmaker of power” was when he worked during the 1990s for Zulemita Menem, daughter of the former president.

In 2001, the empire began to crumble along with the country and Elsa Serrano had to close her company. Years later, she managed to recover and continue working as a designer.

“Shall we have a story with Elsa?” Writer Erika Halvorsen wrote on her Twitter account. “When I was six years old, my mother opened a boutique in Río Turbio where she sold Elsa Serrano dresses. town. All very Patagonian Tennessee Williams in the late 80s. “

The image consultant Matilda Blanco, jury of the shipment that Politti leads, also recalled Serrano in her networks: “Sad news, a terrible loss. I had the privilege of sharing precious moments of work. Dear Elsa, we are going to miss you.”

Meanwhile, the model Luciana Salazar wrote “Dear Elsa, very sad news, a very great affection to her whole family and especially to her daughter Belén. Very unfair ending”; while actor Gino Renni tweeted that the news “filled him with great sadness” and remembered the designer as a “fighter, hard-working, creative woman who did not deserve this ending.”

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