The fantasy of the Lukashenko regime is limitless: it has created a story about what migrants have to experience in Lithuania

An Iraqi who allegedly experienced violence by Lithuanian border guards was also mentioned in the propaganda report.

“Several Lithuanian cars approached. They threatened with guns, we thought he would shoot his brother’s wife. We said she was pregnant, but she still broke her arms. We asked for help, and they still took away our phones, ”the interviewee said in a report.

Iraqis allegedly told Belarusian officials more.

“The detainees were not allowed to eat or drink. And force was used in the interrogation. After the interrogation, they were taken to the border and threatened with a gun to return to the territory of Belarus, “the report said.

Lithuanian border guards calls such information utter nonsense and does not even comment more broadly.

“It simply came to our notice then. Next to it, there could be two more figures to say – this year, a total of almost 2,200 illegal migrants entered Belarus illegally from Belarus. And in July alone, almost 1.5 thousand Lithuanian border guards entered Lithuania from the state border and were detained. illegal migrants, ”said a representative of the State Border Guard Service (SBGS) Giedrius Mišutis.

Experts support the position of border guards not to react to the disinformation of the Belarusian regime. Propaganda is an important part of a hybrid war. So such plots could be expected and more could be expected.

“In this case, we are in a position to respond. And the one who reacts in the information war is in a weaker position, ”said Viktor Denisenko, a lecturer at Vilnius University and an expert in the information war, at LNK.

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The first target of such reporting is the internal audience of Belarus. Aliaksandr Lukashenko needs to show his people how bad Europe is. However, broader goals are also being pursued.

Here’s a reviewer Marius Laurinavičius explained that this applies to various human rights, international organizations.

“Maybe they will want to research and explain something,” said the reviewer.

And Denisenko said that the farther away from our region, the less people know the real situation.

“I may have heard less about the Belarussian regime, about what is happening. Therefore, such information, which has entered the information space, can really tarnish Lithuania, ”said the VU lecturer.

According to M. Laurinavičius, only the most naive can believe in such reports.

“It simply came to our notice then. Believing in at least one word of these regimes is complete naivety, “he said.

According to experts, there is no need to react to Belarusian propaganda. But you don’t have to be passive either. Lithuania should show how refugees are actually treated.

“We need to show how refugees are received, how they are dealt with. Because in this case, Lithuania has such one stronger position – not only Lithuanian officials now working at the border. It is known that officials also come from other states. This could also tell foreign officials how all that work is going on at the Lithuanian border, ”V. Denisenko explained to LNK.

Currently patrolling with Lithuanian border guards 26 “FrontexOfficials.

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