“The farmer is looking for a wife” 8: Marek did not accept Ela in his house! Fans: “A really mysterious guy”

Elżbieta and Marek’s date in “The farmer is looking for a wife” was really romantic, but Internet users criticize the farmer candidate for the idea with a wedding ring. Why did the man invite the farmer to his friend’s house?

Elżbieta and Marek in the last episode of “The farmer is looking for a wife” looked like a couple in love! The farmer visited her chosen one in Gdynia, where she lives, and they spent a very romantic day there, and Marek even made a sincere confession and revealed that he was in love.

I think I fell in love. I don’t even think. I know this! – admitted Marek.

Meanwhile, Internet users became interested in the fact that Marek did not take Elżbieta in his home, but at a friend’s, where he lives after the loss of his wife. The man presented a touching story, but not everyone believes in his translations …

Internet users are not sure about Marek’s intentions from “The farmer is looking for a wife” towards Elżbieta

Marek from “The farmer is looking for a wife” from the first meeting with Elżbieta became the favorite of the farmer and no one was surprised by the fact that it was him who chose him. During the visit Elżbieta and Marek had a great time playing golf, walking on the pier and chatting with the man’s friends. It was this fact that interested Internet users, who were greatly surprised that Marek did not receive Ela at his home. The farmer candidate quickly explained his trauma after the loss of his wife and confessed that he could not live in their house alone.

Some don’t quite believe Mark’s story previously participated in the “Kitchen Revolutions” program, where in 2014 he performed with his wife. Surprising comments about the “mysterious” Mark appeared on the web:

Marek is a really mysterious guy, and it promised to be good. He does not live at home, only with a friend, and probably not his car, but a friend. In my opinion, the guy has nothing

He is insincere. He did not invite to his home. It’s not gonna happen.

She just waits for her to take him to her place, because and there is nothing, “he is a free man without any obligations,”

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Internet users also referred to Marek’s idea, which he spoke about in front of the cameras. Elizabeth’s candidate intended to give the farmer a wedding ring belonging to his deceased wife. Although in the end he did not make this gesture, which was supposed to be symbolic for him – there was criticism on the Internet, and Internet users said that it was out of place!

There are also a lot of voices on the web supporting the choice of Elżbieta from “The farmer is looking for a wife”. Some Internet users write directly that the pair fits together and you can see that there is a spark between them, although the farmer is a bit afraid of the fast pace. Recently, there were suggestions that the couple is not together after they Elżbieta published a photo with StanisławMeanwhile, one of the fans of the program on the Instagram profile “Farmer is looking for a wife” suggests that she recently saw Ela and Marek in Gdynia:

are have seen them recently in Gdynia

Is it possible that in the 8th edition another couple were created that survived after the program? We will find out in the final episode of “The farmer is looking for a wife”!


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