“The farmer is looking for a wife”: Paweł Bodzianny and Marta Paszkin engaged!

“A farmer was looking for a wife and he found ♥ ️ A wonderful, unique and the best Marta Paszkin said YES!” – wrote Paweł on Instagram.

Paweł and Marta they were the favorite couple of the show’s fans. Their relationship is developing wonderfully. The couple plan their future together, they start with living together. They also think about the wedding and the kids.

“Marta brought such peace of mind about the future into my life. I do not know what my future would look like without her. I would probably be left alone with the cows and not start a family that I dreamed of” – said the farmer in last year’s special episode “The farmer is looking for a wife”.

“I was afraid of what it would be like, but Stefania liked Paweł very much. I know that when he invited me, he knew that I had a child, but it could be different. When I look at them when they play, it soothes my nerves and all my worries She understands it. I explained to her that my mother does not want to be alone. Now I am calm, it is touching and beautiful “- added his beloved Marta.

It is worth adding that this is one of the two couples who managed to create a lasting relationship after the last installment of the program; Love also found Magdalena, who is in a relationship with Jacob. Dawid, Józef and Maciej – the other farmers from the 7th edition – ended the season as singles.

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