The farmers of bravo, against the lack of aid from Page

The farmers of bravo, in an open letter, describe as “regrettable” that the regional president, Emiliano García-Page, “has not deigned” to answer the “multiple” emails that they have sent him with letters requesting that he receive them and that they have a meeting to personally and directly request aid, “those aid that other autonomous communities have had the sensitivity to give.”
They criticize that in the 2021 budgets, whose spending ceiling has been increased “a whopping” of 1,000 million euros, “not even a paltry item is contemplated for the bravo farmers”, who are “desperate by the anguished situation and drama “they are experiencing could” have a breath of air.
That said, they regretted that the Government “will continue to say that they are very bullfighting while many of us will not be able to carry out our livestock, our life, our dream.” “We believe that it is time to stop being quiet and raise your voice,” so in the next few days they will report on the steps they are going to follow.
The farmers of bravo, who say they feel “disappointed and ashamed” with the regional government for “the abandonment” to which “it has subjected them”, affirm that a few days ago they received in their email account the response of the Minister of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development, Francisco Martínez Arroyo. “We have to admit that before opening the file we were excited because we thought we were going to have good news. An illusion that lasted a few minutes ».
Again, they affirm, the counselor communicated exactly the same thing that a few weeks ago the general director communicated to them first-hand: “that they had made a great effort to bring the payment of the CAP forward to April, that celebrations had been televised and that we asked for loans ». “Today,” they censor, “in the voice of the counselor and the general manager, the only solution they give us is for us to ask for loans.”


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