The fast and commission-free alternative to selling a flat

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Home sales continue to plummet. According to the latest report from the General Council of Notaries published in July, operations fell by 20.7% year-on-year in April. This event could prolong the average time to sell a property. What are the alternatives to sell quickly in this context? Los iBuyers can be an option.

According to the specialists at, a website dedicated to financial and real estate comparison, the iBuyers They are companies specialized in the direct purchase of properties. Its main feature is that they can make a completely free purchase offer in less than 48 hours and complete the transaction in just 7 days. In addition, they assume the responsibility of managing all the documentation and the necessary paperwork for the sale, which significantly reduces the stress and administrative burden for the seller. They also have other advantages.

In a normal sale, the sale is almost always subject to the buyer’s approval of the mortgage. In an environment like the current one, where banks have tightened the requirements for granting mortgage loans, the chances that the buyer will not get financing are higher than a few years ago. That is why there is a risk that the sale will fall, even after sign a deposit contract.

With the iBuyersthis risk is practically nil, since they guarantee immediate payment, which provides greater security to the seller and reduces the risk of the operation falling due to financial problems.

HelpMyCash experts also explain that the business model of iBuyers It consists of acquiring homes to reform them and sell them again, or to rent them. That is why, if the house you want to sell needs reforms, contact a iBuyer It can be an interesting option, since the owner will not have to deal with the works on the property.

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