The fate of a South Korean man who married a Minang woman, got bullied, 4 years of marriage, see what happens

TRIBUNJATIM.COM – A South Korean man marries Minang girl.

Their love journey was highlighted because of the figure of the two who both stole the attention.

Is Vera Nanda Putri who married Jun which has now changed the name of the Instagram account to Junaedi.

Vera Nanda Putri married Jun after starting her love story while she was studying in Seoul, South Korea before.

Vera Nanda Putri’s wedding combined two cultures that were equally strong at that time.

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Vera Nanda Putri was viral because of her story as a Minang woman married to South Korean man.

Vera Nanda Putri is Minang women which married South Korean man, Park Jun, on February 27, 2017.

This, sang Minang women, Vera Nanda Putri, who married South Korean man, Park Jun, tells the ups and downs of a year of marriage, one of them Vera and Jun are still often bullied until now.

Wedding Vera Nanda Putri and Park Jun was held in a unique way, combining Minang customs with South Korea.

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