The father-in-law of the Spaniard kidnapped by Hamas along with his wife recounts the attack and trusts that they will return "safe and sound"

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The Israeli Foreign Ministry released this Thursday a video of the father-in-law of the Spanish Iván Illarramendi, kidnapped along with his wife, the Chilean-Israeli Dafna Garcovich, by Hamas on October 7, in which he narrates the attack and expresses his trust of that both can return “safe and sound.”

According to Dan Garcovich, both his daughter and her husband and he and his wife They received the alarm at 6.30 in the morning by the firing of missiles from the Gaza Strip and took refuge in the safe rooms of their respective homes in Kibbutz Kissufim, very close to the border.

From that moment on, both couples were in telephone contact. At one point, their daughter told them that “they had Arabic-speaking people entered his house and they were breaking everything”. “‘Help, help, it’s horrible what’s happening right now,'” he told them.

Half an hour later, according to Garcovich, her daughter began to communicate in writing “out of fear” that if she spoke on the phone they would overhear her. “We were like this until about 12:30 needs.

Finally, he and his wife were rescued by Israeli soldiers more than 24 hours later “with great caution because there was still fighting in the kibbutz, which was not yet clean of terrorists” but they have had no news of their daughter and her husband. “My daughter and her husband are my only family in Israel,” he emphasizes.

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