The father strangled his three children, he could not go on

The man first wrote a post on his Facebok around midnight. In it, he said goodbye to everyone. “Goodbye everyone, I’m leaving you, I can’t anymore.” His partner was said to have left him due to strained relationships with his ex-wife, and he had been struggling financially recently. The man was reportedly suffering from depression recently.

It is not yet clear who alerted the police and rescuers, but they arrived at the apartment in the Zagreb district of Mlinov around two o’clock in the morning. There they found the bodies of three children who could no longer be helped and a stunned man. A four-year-old boy was found in bed in the bedroom, and seven-year-old twins – a boy and a girl – were in the living room. The children were strangled, writes the Krone server. Harald K. was intoxicated, supposed to take excessive doses of various drugs. He is currently in a stable condition in the intensive care unit.

Zagreb police are investigating the case on suspicion of a triple murder. If the court finds Harald K. guilty, he faces at least ten years in prison for this act in Croatia. The daily Jutarnji list wrote that the man is a financial consultant who graduated from the Danube University in Kremža and worked in senior management positions at a number of multinational companies.

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