The FBI visits the home of a Trump donor involved in the Ukrainian plot


Washington, United States

The FBI visited home and business on Thursday Robert Hyde, a donor of the president Donald Trump, and Republican candidate for Congress allegedly involved in the illegal surveillance of the former ambassador of USA in Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, before she was dismissed in May by the ruler.

According to local media, the agents went this morning to the home of this businessman in the town of Simsbury, as well as to the headquarters of his construction company, located in the city of Avon, in the state of Connecticut.

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This visit took place on the same day that Ukraine opened an investigation against Hyde and against the naturalized American Ukrainian Lev Parnas, a partner of Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliano, accused of having subjected Yovanovitch to physical and electronic surveillance as an ambassador.

The Ministry of Interior of Ukraine He said today in a statement that this step is taken after the Intelligence Committee of the US House of Representatives published, within the framework of the investigation of the political judgment against Trump, notes and other documents indicating that the ambassador was illegally monitored and her electronic devices intervened by private persons “at the request of US citizens.”

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Therefore, the Ukrainian National Police opened criminal cases for “the violation of the secrecy of correspondence and telephone or telegraphic or other conversations” and for “the collection, storage, use of illegal confidential personal information and the violation of the privacy “of Yovanovitch.

Donor of the Trump campaign

Hyde, a former donor of the campaign of Trump 40-year-old told local media that when he wrote the text messages to Parnas in which he seemed to control the movements of the diplomat, he was joking and drunk.

The Ukrainian Interior Ministry announced that it wants to investigate whether the country’s and international legislation have really been violated or if “it was simply bravado and false information in informal conversations between two US citizens.”

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These facts coincide with the swearing in the Senate of the seven legislators who will act as prosecutors in the political trial against Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, which legally began the process in that chamber, although until Tuesday the acquaintance in English as “impeachment” will not start de facto.



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