The federal government must take the Covid-19 pandemic seriously: Marko Cortés

He federal government must take seriously the Covid-19 pandemic that continues to cost human lives, said the leader of the National Action Party, Marko Cortés.

Through a statement, he demanded to streamline, make transparent and expand the vaccination since the dose is applied to 5 thousand 500 people per day. “When according to their own goals, they should be at least 52 thousand a day.”

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“At the rate they are taking, it would take more than 50 years to vaccinate to a country of more than 120 million people. He insisted on the need to make it easier for state governments and private initiative itself to join this effort for the good of Mexico, ”he lamented.

Cortes Mendoza added that “they are bad at governing and good at creating smoke screens. They want to hide their incompetence from the pandemic, but in fact Mexico is far below in immunization compared to countries like Israel, which has vaccinated 13.5% of its population, the United Kingdom 1.4%, Denmark 0.81%, Argentina 0.07% and Mexico 0.03% ”.

Cortes Mendoza He added that “the government once again became entangled, became balls and did not know how to face the health crisis in which Mexico finds itself.”

“There are a number of contradictions federal government that are very worrying, because once again they show that the president live in a parallel world, as while saying that the worst is over, actually the worst is happening and the number of infected and deceased continues to increase, there are eight entities that exceed the maximum hospital occupancy, “he lamented.

We have been, he said, for several days exceeding the maximum number of infections, registering until yesterday the sum of 16,105 in a single day and around a thousand deaths daily.

The PAN leader claimed the “irresponsibility and insensitivity” of the federal government, “since at this time in many hospitals there are no operating rooms to operate on patients with other ailments, medicines and oxygen are scarce in the Valley of Mexico and conurbation areas.”

“There are not enough beds and images have been seen of patients lying on the floor and chairs and, as if that were not enough, young residents are dying due to the neglect of the health system,” he lamented.

Mexico has vaccinated more against Covid, according to AMLO

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador affirmed this Saturday that Mexico ranks first in Latin America regarding the application of Covid-19 vaccines.

“We are already vaccinating. Mexico it is the Latin American country that is vaccinating the most. We are already in more than 60 thousand dose applied. We are starting, but by the end of this month we will finish vaccinate at 750 thousand health workers who are saving lives in hospitals Covid“, said Lopez Obrador at a press conference from Colima.

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According to figures from Our World in Data, a site specialized in presenting statistical data with the support of the Oxford University, Mexico ranks second in Latin America in terms of total Covid-19 vaccines managed.

With cutoff to January 8, the data indicates that Argentina has 107 thousand 542 doses applied, while Mexico accumulates 67 thousand 468. The third place is for Chile, which already has 10,689 doses, while Costa Rica It is fourth with 9,751.

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