the federation that has marched together with A. Pukelis against S. Malinauskas “will not accept it”

Lithuanian football fans are accustomed to the most defending national team, which flashes only occasionally. Similar events are taking place not only on the football field, but also in LFF’s legal fight against video blogger Skirmantas Malinauskas.

The courts are going to fight to the end

On December 7, the LFF Executive Committee will decide on the future of coach Valdas Ivanauskas.

It seems that there is a lot of work, but the LFF has found time and money to fight against S. Malinauskas, who has already managed to defend himself against several attacks – the court rejected the lawsuits of LFF President Tomas Danilevičius and the federation itself.

However, the LFF has decided to file an appeal and puts a lot of hope in the defense of the LFF executive committee member Arūnas Pukelis regarding the statements made by S. Malinauskas.

And while the public is wondering whether A.Pukelis should not defend himself in such a situation and whether LFF’s money is really being used purposefully, E.Stankevičius points his finger at the financial lines and talks about the honor of the federation itself.

“If we talk about numbers – in 2017-2018, 200 thousand euros were spent on legal services, last year – 51 thousand. And this year – 67 thousand. This includes the STI dispute, cases discussed in society and everyone else, E. Stankevičius said. – It hurts both the LFF community and the people who work for the LFF. We will not allow humiliation and that such a thing would be reflected in our extracurricular activities – in communication with sponsors and partners. We are all human and we do our job. ”

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Offers to look at the Seimas

However, S. Malinauskas himself emphasizes that LFF only complains about the episode “People of Lead”, and not others, where more attention is paid to football, the Executive Committee and other personalities in the federation.

“Nobody cares about those episodes. Only the affairs of Švinius are important to E. Stankevičius. And this is the only person whose so much money is thrown at us to wash our uniforms. By the way, the word “defend” is very difficult to use when you attack one vlogger with four lawsuits. I will defend myself. I have already defended myself against LFF. The proceedings have been won, the court’s arguments are clear, I have a hard time imagining how they can be refuted without the introduction of censorship. With Švinius’ process, everything is clear no matter how it ends, – S. Malinauskas wrote on Facebook on November 18. – A person values ​​his honor and dignity at 100 thousand, but after that he avoids participating in court as much as possible, lies to the court, runs away from questions. The honor here is zero, only a lot of dignity in the speeches of his lawyers. “

After hearing the question whether it would not be easier for the federation to terminate relations with critically acclaimed personalities, E. Stankevičius offered to look at the Seimas.

“Is it legitimate to humiliate the LFF or the bandits who work here, who are called criminals? I will not personally accept these epithets and will not accept such a situation, said E. Stankevičius. – Today, criteria have been set for what members of the LFF Executive Committee must meet. Such criteria are also provided for in the Seimas. If people comply with the amendment to the law, they can participate in football activities and in the life of the Seimas, so we have the same. ”

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In addition, the Secretary General of the LFF assures that the image of the federation itself has improved over the last three years as far as T.Danilevičius and E.Stankevičius work here.

“It simply came to our notice then, but it was not enough. I would like the situation to be rectified as soon as possible, but it will take at least a few years for the image to change. No one has previously presented the LFF budget, the actual use of the budget, and I will and will do so while I work in this position, ”he said.

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