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Is Brexit exploding at the last second? Will the decision of the century on the exit of Great Britain from the European Union still be implemented?

The international financial markets speculate on a sensational judgment of the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, we bet on the "Exit from Brexit". The British pound gained value in the morning in just a few minutes.

The underlying cause of this demonstration was the recommendation of a lawyer general to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) that the United Kingdom can unilaterally revoke the withdrawal request from the EU.

The court is not bound by the recommendations of its advocates-general, but usually follows them. When the decision is made, initially it is not clear.

The British Parliament votes on December 11th

The British Parliament is discussing today (around 2pm) for five days on the Brexit deal negotiated with Brussels. At the vote on December 11th. Prime Minister Theresa May threatens to postpone a vote: the Northern DUP, which so far supports Prime Minister Theresa May's minority government, and about 100 deputies from the government's faction want to vote against the agreement.

If the European Court of Justice had affirmed the possibility of unilaterally withdrawing the Brexit declaration before next Tuesday, this could be another matter for some Members of the European Parliament to vote against the agreement.

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Photo: Pa / dpa

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British Prime Minister Theresa May (62) Monday in parliamentPhoto: Pa / dpa

But if the agreement fails in Parliament, a disorderly Brexit threat – with disastrous consequences for the British economy.

For months, the movements are gaining popularity, calling for a second referendum ("Second vote") to stay in the EU. Main reason: the false claims, with which the field of opponents of the EU in the Brexit referendum in 2016 had just won. The driving force among pro-Europeans is the younger generation. The Scots are also pushing for a second referendum to vote to stay in the EU.

Brexit expiry / withdrawal of Great Britain from the EU | info.BILD

Advocate General: EU27 approval is not required

The ECB Advocate General Manuel Campos Sánchez-Bordona was convinced that the withdrawal of the Brexit Declaration would be possible until the conclusion of the withdrawal agreement.

In his view, it would therefore also be incompatible with Article 50 of the EU Treaty to make the possibility of a withdrawal to a unanimous decision of the European Council subordinate, namely the remaining 27 Heads of State or Government.

Campos Sánchez-Bordona also rejected the United Kingdom Government's view that the question posed to the European Court of Justice regarding the possibility of withdrawing the Brexit statement was inadmissible. The question is "neither purely academic nor premature or superfluous", but has "obvious practical significance".

The hater of the EU, Nigel Farage, responded angrily to the impending verdict. As the then leader of the Ukip (Independence Party), Farage was the head of the Brexit campaign: "On both sides of the channel, every effort is made to stop Brexit," he tweeted. Farage wants to convince his compatriots of the tough break with Brussels: he calls the Theresa Mays agreement with the EU "the worst deal in history".



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