The FIA ​​has introduced new tests. According to Horner, Hamilton’s speed on the plain is now normal –

“I think the stress test served its purpose because their speed on the plane is under control,” Horner told Sky Sports.

“It simply came to our notice then. We haven’t seen about four or five races. As I said, this is not even about this circuit, but to a large extent about Jeddah and Abu Dhabi, where there is a huge emphasis on speed on the straights. “

Hamilton defeated Verstappen by almost half a second. “I think their speed on the plain has dropped a bit. Now it looks very similar to our speed on the plane, which is good to see. Lewis drove all the time in the sixth and seventh corners. Especially in the last round, he had an amazing sector despite the sequence of two slower turns. “

“From what we’ve seen, the speed on the plain looks normal. It’s just Lewis’ very strong bike. “

The FIA ​​confirms the deployment of new tests

After qualifying in Qatar, the FIA ​​confirmed to that additional rear wing tests had been introduced since Saturday night to help obtain new technical information.

“As part of our routine inspections, we have a very well-defined list of the tests we perform, described in either Article 3.9 or TD018 (Technical Guidelines, Editor’s Note), on all vehicles to verify compliance,” said an FIA spokesman.

“The tests you have heard of are intended to gather information and do not form part of regulatory requirements, but rather could lead to new criteria being applied in the future.”

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