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Preliminary analyzes of the fertilizer market of FERTILZAR Asociación Civil during 2020 indicate a growth that would exceed 7% compared to the previous year.

According to a survey by FERTILIZAR Asociación Civil, an entity whose objective is to promote the responsible use of crop fertilization, preliminary analyzes of the fertilizer market during 2020 indicate a growth of slightly more than 7% compared to the previous year, which is why the consumption of fertilizers would be exceeding 5 million tons.

In this framework, the entity recognizes the efforts of producers to maintain rotations with grass crops and improve the use of technology, both in doses and in aspects associated with management.

“We celebrate that this growth in the use of fertilization technology is taking place in a context of good agricultural practices, where the improvement in the replacement of nutrients will result in a more balanced management and will reduce the negative impacts that are generated when the soil has to meet the requirements of the plants at the expense of their natural fertility “, said María Fernanda González Sanjuan, executive manager of FERTILIZAR AC.

Overcoming strategies

In addition, he added that they have perceived that the producer has begun to incorporate strategies in the management of nutrients, focusing on the soil as a system. “We witnessed an important growth in broadcast phosphorus replacement applications, which allows us to gradually improve the quality of the environments, providing sustainability to the agro-systems.”

He also highlighted that having maintained the participation of grasses in the rotation is a good sign for the system. Thus, the executive manager of FERTILIZAR commented that “high-yield grasses allow us to fix carbon from the environment and take care of the organic matter in our soils.”

“The investment of the producer was very important, now we hope that the climate will accompany us to obtain the desired results,” he concluded.

About Fertilize

Founded more than 20 years ago, FERTILIZAR is a non-profit civil association formed by different actors of the agricultural industry (companies, institutions, producer associations, universities, among others), whose objective is to raise awareness about the importance of the rational use of fertilizer and the sustainability of the productive system, through the dissemination of technical-scientific information adapted to the local reality, which explains the agronomic and economic advantages of the balanced addition of nutrients on the productivity of crops and pastures and on the fertility of the soil for a sustainable agriculture.


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