The film “Everything Blooms” at the Riga International Biennale of Contemporary Art will be shown online

The Riga International Biennale of Contemporary Art (RIBOCA) announces the online premiere of “And suddenly it all blossoms”. For four days – from November 25 to 29 – everyone will have the exclusive opportunity to watch the film for free. To access, you must register with RIBOCA at

According to RIBOCA communication specialist Krista Luīze Priedīte, RIBOCA2 took place in 2020, but due to the pandemic, many unfortunately did not have the opportunity to visit the exhibition, therefore the main curator of the biennial Rebecca Lamarsha-Vadela (Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel) offered to turn the exhibition space into a film shooting area. Implementing the curator’s idea, this is the first time that a large-scale exhibition of contemporary art has been transformed into a feature film to reach its audience. In the background of the Andrejsala territory “Everything blooms at once” is a journey in today’s difficult times, where hopes, desires and doubts about today are intertwined.

The film calls for a voice to be followed, the reflection of which today becomes a meditation accompanied by works of art. The film’s natural environment – a stagnant power station, an abandoned paintball court, a warehouse, a herd of birds, cruise ships and a railway track – makes the film a permanent metaphor for the collapse of Soviet ideals and capitalist hopes. Reproducing one continuous frame, the film depicts the world between yesterday and today. In an environment where the end of the world has come more than once – with occupations, wars, economic turmoil, rebirth and reconstruction – the current context of Latvia and the Baltics is clearly legible, KLPriedīte explains.

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The film features 46 artists – Pavel Althamer, Kristaps Ancan, Felix Atkinson, Alex Bachinsky-Jenkins, Nina Beier, Oliver Beer, Hasham Berad, Dora Budora, Egle Budvītīte, Valdis Celma, Edita Deckint, Erika Eifel, Wija Enni Frank, Siprien Gajara, Bendika Giske, Honkasalo-Niemi-Virtanen, Katrīna Horneka, Margarita Umo, Pierre Viga, IevaKrish, Mihaila Karika and Uriela Orlova, Agnese Krivade, Lina Lapelīte and Mantas Petraiša, Eva Lestas, Hanna Lipardas MAREUNROL’S ”, works by Berenise Olmedo, Dominica Olshovia, Sarah Ortmeier, Philippe Pete, Bridget Polka, Ugo Rondinone, Jan Samma, Thomas Sarasen, August Serapin, Timur Si-Qin, Nikolai Smirnov, Anastasia Sosunova and Daina Taimina.

The film was directed by Rebeka Lamarsha-Vadela, the main curator of the biennial, together with the Latvian director Dāvis Sīmanis. The main operator is Andrejs Rudzāts. The soundtrack of the film was created and the behind-the-scenes voice was played by the musician LAFAWNDAH. The film “Everything Blooms At Once” has received two nominations for the Latvian National Film Award “Kristaps the Great”: Andrejs Rudzāts has been nominated in the category “Best Documentary Operator”, and Ernests Ansons – as the best sound director. So far, the film has had live premieres in London, Moscow, Berlin, Basel, Paris and Riga, KLPriedīte reports.

In 2022, RIBOCA3 will take place. The exhibition will take place in Riga from July 15 to October 2. Its curator is René Bloks, legendary in the art world (René Block).


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