The film of the Riga International Biennale of Contemporary Art will bloom online at the same time / Day

The second Riga International Biennale of Contemporary Art took place in 2020, but due to the pandemic, many did not have the opportunity to visit the exhibition, so Rebek Lamarsha-Vadela, the main curator of the biennale, offered to turn the exhibition space into a film shooting area. Implementing her idea, this is the first time that a large-scale exhibition of contemporary art has been transformed into a feature film to reach its audience. In the background of Andrejsala territory everything blooms at once is a journey through today ‘s difficult times, in which hopes, desires and doubts about today are intertwined.

The film invites you to follow the voice, the reflection of which today becomes a meditation, accompanied by the works of 46 artists. The environment – a unified “ecosystem” of nature, stagnant power plants, an abandoned paintball field, warehouses, flocks of cruise ships and railroad tracks – makes the film space an independent metaphor for the collapse of Soviet ideals and capitalist hopes. When reproducing a single continuous frame, everything blooms at once reflects the world between yesterday and today. In an environment where the end of the world has come more than once – with occupations, wars, economic turmoil, rebirth and reconstruction – the context of Latvia and the Baltics today is clear.

The film was created by the chief curator of the biennial Rebecca Lamarsha-Vadela together with the Latvian director Dāvis Sīmanis. The main operator is Andrejs Rudzāts. The soundtrack was created by Lafawndah, a musician with a behind-the-scenes voice. everything blooms at once has been nominated for a National Film Award Kristaps the Great in two categories – The best documentary cinematographer (Andrejs Rudzāts) and The best sound director (Ernest Ansons).

So far, the film has had live premieres in London, Moscow, Berlin, Basel, Paris and Riga.

It is possible to register for the online premiere here.

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