The film The Golden Raspberry won a musical about Princess Diana

This year, the filmed anti-prizes Zlatá malina won a filmed version of a musical about British Princess Diana. She won an award for the worst film, direction and acting. The awards on the eve of the Oscars also drew attention to the actor Jared Leto, who, according to the organizers, was ridiculed by his performance in the film The Gucci Clan. Another actor, Bruce Willis, had his own category this year.

Diana: The Musical was created as an adaptation of a failed theatrical performance, which ended on Broadway in New York last December after only 33 evenings. Actresses Jeanna de Waal and Judy Kaye, as well as screenwriters Joe DiPietro and David Bryan, won the Golden Raspberry. According to the jurors, they wrote a collection of the most ridiculous dialogues and lyrics, in which, for example, they used the words Manila and Godzilla as rhymes for Camilla’s name. Image can be seen on Netflix.

The organizers of Golden Raspberries were also impressed by the performance of basketball star LeBron James, who won two anti-prizes for his role in Space Jam: A New Beginning. Bruce Willis again competed in the category with only himself, when the organizers chose from the eight “memorable films” in which he acted last year. In the end, the sci-fi Cosmic Sin won, where Willis portrayed one of the men who is to save civilization in 2524.

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