The filming of Justine Damond: audio, video of the camera released for the 911 call and a few moments after the murder


Australian life coach Justine Ruszczyk Damond was out of breath and seemed worried when he phoned 911 minutes before being fatally hit by an American police officer, according to the sound of the call.

On Thursday, audio recordings of Mrs. Damond's two 911 calls and video footage of the crime scene were made public, when a Minneapolis judge began granting access to the exhibits shown in the recent trial of Mohamed Noor.

Noor, 33, was convicted of murder.

Ms Damond, a dual citizen of the United States and Australia, called 911 to report a possible sexual attack behind her home in July 2017.

In the first phone call, he says a woman sounds distressed and thinks she heard the word "help".

Mrs. Damond called back eight minutes later to ensure the police had the right address. She was told that the agents were coming.

The former Sydney resident went to meet the police car and was hit by Noor, who was sitting in the front passenger seat.

He and his companion said they were surprised by Ms Damond.

Part of the video released shows footage taken by a passing cyclist, showing the moments when Noor's partner tries to revive Ms Damond.

The bodycam video was also published showing other agents arriving on the scene and talking to Noor.

Ms. Damond's family filed a civil lawsuit against the city of Minneapolis and received a $ 20 million ($ A29 million) record.

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