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“The Final” series, “Fatwa H 30” .. Follow up on the last episode of “Fatwa 30” series, Yasser Jalal, on Al-Hayat Al-Ahmar channel

Fatwa series H 30, Millions of audiences are waiting for the show of Episode 29 of the Fatwa series, Yasser Jalal, which is likely to witness many strong events specifically after the artist Mai Omar succeeded in embodying the suffering of the previous episode, after a number of women beat her in order to abort her pregnancy from Hassan Al Jabali, and her collapse from Heavy crying after knowing the news of the death of her husband, Hassan Al-Jabali in episode 27 of the series, where her brother informed the Fatwa, Fatwa Azmi, that the one who did this was the teacher, Mr. Al-Labban, in order to return to her.

Fatwa series H 30

In another scene from the last episode of the Fatwa series, Yasser Jalal, the blind one, the artist Magdy Fekry, went to bring the Fatwa of Al-Urbajiya, thanks to Hassan Al-Jabali, in order for Hassan to start developing a plan to return to the aesthetic again, and return the gold known as the “treasure of support” that the teacher stole The master of frankincense, the fatwa of the altar, the artist Riad El Khouly. Indeed, Hassan succeeded in obtaining gold after a great battle took place between him and the men of frankincense.

Al-Fatwa Episode 30

Hisba, the wife of the artist Ahmed Khalil, his father, the teacher Azmi, also disappeared, after she killed the loved ones of his father, Lail, to take revenge and attack her, so Azmi intervenes as soon as possible, and he imprisoned his sister and beat her, and in another scene, the master of frankincense visited Azmy and sought help from him. “To save her from her brother Azmi and bargain for her to return to his bond in return for the killing of Hassiba, and it is possible that the next episode will witness many strong unexpected events at all.

from here “Al-Fatwa series, last episode 30, starring Yasser Jalal on Al-Hayat Al-Ahmar.

The series of Fatwa Yasser Jalal, the last episode 30, through the Al-Hayat Al-Ahmar channel

The dates of the presentation and replay of the Fatwa series, Yasser Jalal

  • Showcased on Al-Hayat Al-Ahmar channel.
  • At twelve and a half at night, Egyptian time.
  • At one in the morning Saudi time.
  • On the following day, it is returned from a person exposed to the same channel at 4 pm.

The events of the last episode of the Fatwa series

In the last episode of the series “Fatwa” Yasser Jalal, Mai Omar managed to get rid of his father Azmi, with the help of her ex-teacher, the master of frankincense. Then, Noura bint Hassan Al-Jabali goes to Azmi to ask him about who killed her father and indicates to her that it was the teacher Ahmed who did this, and Noura is surprised at the end of the episode that her father is still alive.

Now the last episode of the series of Fatwa Yasser Jalal is being shown on Al-Hayat Al-Ahmar channel, and it is expected that the episode will witness many strong and interesting events.

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