The first channel apologized for the mistake in the "Maidan" anniversary story – TASS


MOSCOW, 7 December. / TASS /. The first channel explained the unjust work of traders in Ukraine at the appearance of a resident in Belarus in the history of the anniversary of the "Maidan". About this TASS told the channel press service.

Previously, blogger Ilya Varlamov noted that the plot of the first allegedly showed a resident of Ukraine, Cyril Chubenko, who spoke about the horrors of events five years ago and the consequences for his family, however, as it turned out, the resident of Belarus became the true hero.

"The first channel studied and verified information that Kirill Chubenko, who became one of the heroes of Maidan's anniversary story, is actually a different person and lives in Belarus," said the TASS official.

The interview was shot by stringers, as "TV channel journalists do not have the opportunity to work in Ukraine". During the test, the counterfeiters admitted that they actually fired their knowledge, since the filming of this interview was made with a technical marriage, and the plot had to be taken urgently.

"According to them, they asked another person to accurately reproduce the answers of the real Kirill Chubenko," the press service said. "This does not justify their action, the correctors have already apologized to the channel and are ready to apologize to the public." Channel One regrets the incident. "


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