The first complainant of Franco’s torture to testify before a judge trusts "break the wall of impunity"

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Julio Pachecothe first complainant of Franco’s torture to testify before the Spanish Justice, has ratified the content of the complaint he presented at the beginning of the year – in which he denounces that he suffered torture by members of the Political-Social Brigade after being arrested in 1975 – and has assured that he is taking a step to “begin to break the eastern wall of silence and impunity that we have with the Franco regime.”

Upon leaving the court, in statements to the press, Pacheco said he felt “very happy” for being the first time that one of the complainants of Franco’s torture appeared in court to give his testimony after having already filed around 100 complaints.

“It is the first time that a judge pays attention to you and listens to you,” he said, while emphasizing that this “means that there may be more and that this may begin to open up in some way and that we can finally obtain justice here in the Spanish State”.

Pacheco has reached the Courts of Plaza de Castilla after 9:30 a.m., where he was received by fifty people with banners of “The victims of Franco’s regime demand Justice”, “Let’s break the wall of impunity” and “The first of a hundred”, in reference to the admitted complaint.

The head of the Court of Instruction number 50 of Madrid, Ana María Iguácelhas taken statements from both Pacheco and his partner Rosa María García Alcón -as a witness- after his appearance was suspended in July due to a change of instructor in the case.

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