The first data from the counting of the elections in Poland give a wide advantage to Law and Justice, the party in power

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The first official data of the elections in Polandwith more than one 15% scrutinizedthey grant 41.1% of the votes to the ultraconservative Law and Justicea much wider advantage than that expressed in the exit polls this Sunday.

In second place, the Civic Platform of the liberal opposition Donald Tusk has collected 25.4% of the votes, while the center Third Way coalition obtains, for now, 13.8% of the support. The Left and the Confederation ultranationalists are currently assigned 8% and 7.5%, respectively.

These results differ from the exit polls released at the close of election day this Sunday, and which unleashed euphoria among the opposition at the possibility of forming a multiparty alliance to oust Law and Justice, which has governed since 2015, from power. These polls determined that the Civic Coalition (CO), led by the former president of the European Council, Donald Tusk, It would not have prevailed at the polls, but it has options to gain the parliamentary majority. “I have never been so happy with a second place. Poland has won. Democracy has won. This is the end of the PIS Government,” were the words that Tusk addressed to his people after knowing the first projections.

The polls projected that Civic Coalition would have obtained 31.6% of the votes or 163 seats in a Parliament of 460. The government Law and Justice (PIS), the party with the most votes would obtain 200 seats, but, unlike the opposition, It has no partners with whom to cover the deficit up to the majority. The only party with which it has some affinity and could form a coalition is Confederationa nationalist-libertarian formation now led by the 36-year-old businessman Slawomir Mentzen.

Its programmatic ideology converges with PiS although the latter is even more radical. Mentzen wants “no Jews, no homosexuals, no abortion, no taxes, no European Union.” Konfederacja also wants to drastically cut social benefits, abolish pension insurance and draw an anti-Ukrainian nationalist line. Konfederacja would have obtained 6.8% of the votes or 12 seats. Added to those of the PIS they give 212.

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