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The Martinique Regional Health Agency and the Martinique Regional Oncology Platform, with their partners, have designed a guide on supportive oncology care in order to improve the readability of the offer and its accessibility. This first guide, which aims to support cancer patients with the support of health professionals, was presented this Tuesday afternoon at the Hotel La Batelière, in Schœlcher.

With the creation of supportive cancer care guide, healthcare professionals, cancer patients and relatives will be able to find out everything about supportive oncological care, access to rights and the various aids available to help them cope with the disease. The Martinique Regional Health Agency (ARS), the Martinique Regional Oncology Platform and their partners have designed this booklet to improve the readability of the offer and its accessibility. This first guide was presented this Tuesday afternoon at the hotel la Batelière, in Schœlcher. Printed in 5000 copies, this free guide is also available in its digital version on the ARS website and among all health professionals. A budget of € 16,000 has been allocated to this project, which was completed in 9 months.

This new tool was written by a group of professionals who wanted to improve the care of people with cancer. The editorial team is made up of the ARS, the Public Interest Group-Regional Oncology Platform of Martinique (GIP-PROM), the State, Social Security, the regional union of liberal doctors from Martinique, from France Assos Santé Martinique, from the League against cancer, from IREPS, from CHUM, from the Saint-Paul clinic, from the Amazones associations, Ma Tété, Atoumo, Healing in color.

Meet user expectations

Supportive care is there to help the person get through the treatments as well as possible and to help them in life after cancer. The objective of this care, according to the National Cancer Institute, is to reduce the side effects of treatments as well as the effects of the disease, to ensure the best possible quality of life for the patient and his relatives, in terms of physical, psychological and social. They are complementary to treatments such as surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

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This booklet is intended for around 18,000 Martinicans undergoing treatment or benefiting from a personalized post-cancer program and their families. It is also intended for doctors and health professionals who give it to the patient, as part of their care path. This guide meets users’ expectations by listing the services to contact to benefit from psychological assistance, physical activity and appropriate diet, pain management, transport reimbursed by social security, offers. accommodation, etc. An information webinar for healthcare professionals will take place on November 15 from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on supportive oncology care in order to present this new tool to them.

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