The first half of October has been 4.8 degrees warmer than normal in Spain

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The first fortnight of October has been 4.8 degrees warmer than normal, surpassing that of 2017 in which the average was 3.3 degrees above average, explained the spokesperson for the State Meteorological Agency ( Aemet), Ruben Del Campo, which has led to it being the hottest fortnight for this time of year since 1961.

During the first two weeks of October there were 31 records for warm days and none for cold days within an “anomalously extraordinary” episode of heatand in which there was also a heat wave in the Canary Islands that could be “the longest in the last 60 years,” Del Campo detailed in a press conference.

For the spokesperson, in “an unaltered theoretical climate” about five heat records and another five cold records per year are expected; however, in the last ten years there have been 183 records for warm days and 7 records for cold days.

“For every record cold day there are twenty-six warm days,” The meteorologist has emphasized, who has clarified that until October 9, 2023 is the warmest year in the historical series followed by 2022.

However, faced with the anomalous heat of this beginning of October, the arrival of the next “deep and intense” storm on Thursday will “sweep” the peninsula and leave intense rains, with heavy accumulations in large areas of the country, especially in the area center and western half.

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