The First Helicopter on Mars to Land Smoothly and Ready to Fly


Ingenuity, the first helicopter lit up Mars, managed to land smoothly on the surface of the Red Planet.

Quoted from, A NASA helicopter lands on the surface of Mars by being dropped by its mother ship, the rover robot Perseverance. The helicopter’s first flight is scheduled for another week.

“#MarsHelicopter landing confirmed! The 471 million kilometer journey over @NASAPersevere ends with a 10 cm drop from the belly of Perseverance to the surface. Mars today, “said NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Twitter account.

Ingenuity is a small, 1.8 kilogram solar-powered helicopter that relies on rechargeable batteries to keep its system warm during the harsh Martian night conditions.

Before landing, Ingenuity is in Perseverance’s belly while keeping roobot explorers warm. Currently, the helicopter uses an internal battery to power the vital heater in its body.

This heater protects Ingenuity’s interior from the cold nights on Mars, where temperatures can drop to minus 90 degrees Celsius. This heater also protects key components such as batteries and some sensitive electronics from the dangers of extremely cold temperatures, said Bob Balaram. from NASA, chief engineer of the Mars Helicopter project.

Ingenuity is scheduled to make its first flight on April 11, and data from that flight is expected to arrive to Earth the next day on April 12.

To note, this USD 85 million drone is the first helicopter to be sent into space and is designed to test future flying vehicle technology on other planets, one of which is Mars. Intelligence is equipped with two cameras to document its flight, which the Perseverance rover will also observe.

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