The first part of the ZOO series divided the Czechs into two camps. Viewers did not spare praise or negative criticism –

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new series

Today, the first premiere part of the new family series ZOO started on TV Prima. The TV show, which takes place in a safari environment in Dvůr Králové, has once again appeared many well-known faces that viewers know well from the Slunečná series, such as Eva Burešová (28), Ondřej Pavelka (66), Lucie Polišenská (35) and Pavla Tomicová (59). The first part of The Road to LA met with different reactions from the audience.

Introduction to the characters

The first part of the ZOO series introduced the audience to the main characters and guided the audience through the environment in which the television show takes place. She appeared among the main characters favorite actress Eva Burešová (28) alias Viktorie Viky Janečkováwho leads that little double life and solves problems with her ex. In the premiere work, mLada heiress of the glass empire Sid Novotná, filed Michaela Pecháčková (18), is about to leave to study in Los Angeles. Instead of leaving for the USA, she went to work at the zoo. Actress Veronika Freimanová (66) as the new director of the zoo, Marie Roklová is just getting used to her new difficult position in management.

Conflicting reactions

As is often the case with series and movies, everyone likes something different, which is why the opinions of the audience were very different. Some were literally thrilled with the zoo and others spared no negative criticism. It looks very good, the first half hour is excellent, “ one of the spectators reacted to the ongoing series. So far great, just like Slunečná. There was a great start, now useless and embarrassing stretching … so maybe the authors of the ZOO will learn and do not make the same mistake …, “ another watcher expressed her concerns.Nice cast, I like it and the children’s actors praise, great, “ was another of the commendable comments. Of course, there were also negative comments among the audience. Affected Burešová, maybe something will eat her there soon, ” sounded one of the posts below a preview of the series at Facebook TV Prima.For me, even worse than Sunny. The wrong word. In 15 min. broadcast was 2x kr.vo, 1x many others, “ another of the spectators was offended.

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