The first phase of the qualifying rounds for the Fazza Al Yolla Championship has been completed

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Dubai (ArduPoint Network 07 April 2021 -) The past three days witnessed the participation of 270 young people in the qualifying rounds of the Fazza Championship for Yola, organized by the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Center for the Revival of Heritage and the Maidan program that is broadcast on Sama Dubai in preparation for the new season at the end of The current year.

The first phase of the qualifiers concluded yesterday, Tuesday, with the qualification of 37 Ywila, who were impressed by the presence of the Citadel of Al-Maidan in the Global Village in Dubai, to continue the path of challenge and enthusiasm with training and perseverance and be ready for the second phase, which will be held next October. Enthusiasm among the masses of Al-Midan Castle.

Similar to last season, the participants were divided into 3 groups according to the precautionary measures and controls “Covid-19” and according to the age group, in the competitions that continued over a period of 3 days, in which 32 joels qualified, but the committee decided to take a larger number to give them wider opportunities, so they were chosen. The top 37 Yuila, in the second round, 16 participants will be selected to compete in the main championship.


Rashid Al Khaswouni, Deputy Director of the Championships Department at the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Center for the Revival of Heritage, and a member of the jury in the tournament expressed his appreciation for the commitment of the youth to attend and perform with confidence and dedication on the grounds of Al-Maidan Castle, referring to the changes that the championship has witnessed since last season, which had a great impact. In attracting new faces and promising talents from all the emirates of the country.

He said, “We are happy to see these young people who have high energy and a talent for creativity, and a passion for adhering to their local heritage, and most importantly they have the desire and willingness to learn and give in the framework of the responsibility to preserve their national heritage and strengthen their national identity, noting that dividing the qualifying rounds into stages will allow young people to learn in a number of ways.” Among the activities aimed at, note that there is a new competition that was included in the championship next season, which is swimming, along with the rest of the competitions, which include archery, camel jogging, ability races, the promise of intent and the Yolla clause, so that the outcome is 6 integrated sports, heritage, and social competitions befitting the real knight of the field of the Fazza Al-Yola championship.

Al-Yawila who qualified for their immense happiness, through their passage to the next stage of the qualifiers, thanked the Organizing Committee for the support and effort it provided to this distinctive heritage celebration.

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