Sport The first reinforcement that Riquelme wants

The first reinforcement that Riquelme wants

He was the first player who wanted Juan roman riquelme and the first reinforcement that it will try to fasten as soon as the pass book is enabled. 10 himself was in charge of moving contacts to get his number and calling him on the phone to try to convince him and make it the first addition to his management. The talks between the vice and the player, finally, did not come to fruition. But Roman, far from lowering his arms, now goes for the rematch. The footballer who is between eyebrows is Chilean, he is 31 years old, he plays right-back and his name is Mauricio Isla. Will he come?

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Although they never played together, nor did they share the playing field as rivals, Román and Isla ended up establishing a more than affectionate relationship so many times they spoke for his pass. There were three long talks between December 2019 and the first days of January this year. At that time, Huaso had six months left with Fenerbahce and, although he was very seduced by the idea of ​​putting on the blue and gold, he preferred to stay to fulfill his link with the second most popular club in Turkey and “by far nice ”to resume the talks later, when June 30 was approaching.

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Villa, with a new date for the investigation

“Mauricio is evaluating different alternatives, and Boca is a possibility“He confided to Olé a source very close to the player. And the same Island admitted a little less than three months ago that, thinking about the future, it did not reject at all the possibility of joining the Xeneize: “One afternoon the phone rang and they told me: “Hello, I am Román.” I asked what Roman and was Riquelme. We talked about soccer and my family for a while until he asked me if I would like to play there, to which I replied: ‘Who would not like to play in Boca?’ But with total sincerity I told him that I was staying to fulfill my contract with Fenerbahce ”, he started saying. And then he left a door open for the second half: “Boca is one of the biggest clubs in South America, one of the most successful winners of the Copa Libertadores. I do not rule out going. ”

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Today the stage looks different from that of those first talks. Why Island is free in the middle of this year and he has not yet had conversations with his club to find out what his intention is regarding his future. Of course, in that part of Europe the championship has not yet resumed and it is not well known what will happen to the players whose contracts expire on June 30. But in addition to that, Huaso has already received polls from other important teams in Europe and has long had a personal desire to return to Chile to defend the colors of the U, a club of which he is a fan and where he could never play. Parma, meanwhile, would also be interested in his record and that, of course, could complicate the negotiation. What’s more, it would be necessary to see what happens if Fenerbahce offers to renew him, since his salary is one of the highest and his family is very comfortable with life in Istanbul. There is one fact that is encouraging: the first days of May the possibility that Chilean Manuel Pellegrini took over the campus and asked for its continuity was considered, but in the end the position remained in the hands of the Turkish Zeki Murat Göle.

Isla lifted the Copa América in 2016, after winning the final against Argentina.

Isla lifted the Copa América in 2016, after winning the final against Argentina.

Isla meets all the requirements that Riquelme intends for its players: hierarchy and international friction, present or recent past in the Old Continent and back to bank Boca’s jersey. Island which played two World Cups and won two Copa América with La Roja, made his 13-year career in Europe. Trained in the Catholic, he played the 2007 Canada Under 20 World Cup and from there he made the leap to Udinese, where he stayed for five years. Madrid, Barsa, United, Liverpool and Milan wanted it. And in the end he was taken by Juve, where he shared the wardrobe with de Tevez and won five titles. In 2014 he spent a year in the Queens Park Rangers of the Premier (he was a partner of Zárate) and he also played for Olympique de France and Cagliari. In 2017 he arrived in Turkey and has not yet defined where he will continue.

According to Isla, if you decide to return to South America your priority will be the U, where you want to close your career when it is still in full swing. However, Boca, with Riquelme, has the chance to win. Chi, chi, chi?

Island against Argentina, in the Copa América in Brazil.

Island against Argentina, in the Copa América in Brazil.


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