The first “rural township group” for the National Games mass events-the autumn equinox celebrates the harvest and the national games stage competition_General Administration of Sports

The first “rural township group” for the National Games mass events-the autumn equinox celebrates the harvest and the National Games stage competition

Release time: 2021-09-23
Source: China Sports News
Author: Lin Jian Jia Xuechao


On September 22, with the referee’s call, the teams participating in the Dragon Boat Final of the 14th National Games set sail quickly like an arrow from the string. Accompanied by shouts and the sound of water, the participating team members swept the dragon boat to the finish line vigorously.
During the match, the Anhui Women’s Dragon Boat Team attracted the attention of reporters. Coach Yong Zisheng introduced that it was a team of farmers. The team members are all mainly farming, and it is the harvest season. Facing the training and competition of the National Games, the backbone of their family, the “husband group”, has taken on all the farming work at home, so that the team members are fully prepared for the battle. The team members also said: “The National Games has opened a channel for us to the world. In the fields, we have a good harvest. In the National Games, farmers also have a stage to stretch their fists.”

The “Rural Township Group” was first established in the mass events of the 14th National Games

In 2018, my country set the annual autumn equinox as the “Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival”. This is the first national-level festival specially set up for farmers. The purpose is to mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity of hundreds of millions of farmers in my country, and enhance the honor of farmers. Sense of happiness, sense of gain, showing the great achievements of my country’s rural reform and development.
The “Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival” on September 23, 2021 coincides with the 14th National Games. In a number of mass events, the “rural township group” is the first to be established. He Hongyu, head of the Events Division of the Group Department of the State Sports General Administration, said that the National Games set up “rural towns and villages” competitions to practice the people-centered sports development idea and let the most basic people on the stage of the National Games. It is hoped that through the establishment of new groups, farmers will be guided to improve their physical fitness through scientific exercise, promote the advancement of health barriers, and contribute to rural revitalization.
During the dragon boat competition, Xu Shouyin, a female dragon boat team member from Anhui Province, said: “During the Farmers Harvest Festival, celebrations will be held in various places. What makes us most happy is to participate in the National Games. We will go all out to show the Anhui team’s unity and hard work. One’s spirit.”
In addition to the dragon boat event, the Fourteenth National Games mass event football futsal men’s group A also set up a rural township group. The “recorded” team from Xiwuzhumuqin Banner of Xilin Gol League in Inner Mongolia won the championship.
“Duolu” means flame in Mongolian. The founder of the team Idelza hopes that every herder brother who participates in the football project will maintain the same enthusiasm as the flame. In the game, the record-winning soldiers did go all out like a flame, leaving the heavy gold medal in Inner Mongolia.

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Sports events help rural revitalization

For the first time, the National Games set up a rural township group competition, which not only guides farmers to strengthen their health, but also further exerts the multiple functions and values ​​of sports to help rural revitalization.
Dragon boat racing is an event closely integrated with rural revitalization. Through vigorous promotion, dragon boat sports can be seen everywhere in the country. Wei Shenghai, a farmer athlete and drummer representing the Pengshengda Dragon Boat Team in Mei County, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, said: “I grow kiwifruit in my hometown of Mei County. Farmers have their own customary festivals. The production and life of farmers in different regions have a unique way of forming. There are great regional differences, but what remains unchanged is the joy of harvest and the feeling of happy life.” This year, Wei Shenghai planted Kiwi not only got a good harvest, but also got to know more friends and business leaders through the competition. His agricultural and sideline products were also booked out, and his annual income was close to 80,000 yuan.
The 14th National Games also set up air volleyball rural township groups. According to Ma Yi, an air volleyball practitioner in Yunnan, air volleyball is widely popular in rural areas. Air volleyball is a good choice for farmers’ friends to keep fit. Many places including Yunnan have launched various air volleyball matches, strengthened the construction of rural infrastructure, promoted the development of rural tourism industry, enriched rural sports and cultural life, and provided local farmers. Bring good income.
As Xu Shouyin, an Anhui dragon boat athlete, said: “It’s amazing to be able to compete at the National Games and celebrate a good harvest!”

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