The first self-adhesive TV makes its appearance

With this new technological innovation which is emerging at the start of 2023, viewers will no longer need to make holes to mount their TV, they just have to stick it directly on a wall or a window.

This is what the start-up Displace is offering this year at CES 2023, which officially starts this Tuesday in Las Vegas. The Displace TV is a completely wireless 55-inch 4K OLED TV that can be easily placed on any wall, according to the manufacturer.

To completely free itself from cables, this TV is powered by four batteries, which can be ejected and recharged individually without turning off the device. On the connection side, the Displace TV is accompanied by a base station which transmits the image wirelessly.

This technology uses a Wi-Fi 6E connection (up to 10.5 Gbps) and contains an AMD processor as well as a Nivida graphics card. A single box is enough to control multiple screens, whether they are installed in different rooms or assembled to form a single giant display.

The device is equipped with suction cups and weighs 10 kilograms and is designed to be portable and easy to move. The installation is very simple and is done thanks to two large electric suction cups on the back, able to be fixed on any flat wall by pressing a button.

It incorporates a 4K camera and the viewer can also move content from one screen to another with a simple gesture. However, it should be added a downside which lies at the level of the standard TV of this size which consumes on average a hundred watts.

The consumer will find himself with 40 kg, just for the batteries, while the manufacturer indicates a total weight of 10 kilos.

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Another error to be noted in this wake, the manufacturer’s site indicates that it is possible to assemble four screens to create a 220-inch image with a 16K resolution, while four 55-inch 4K screens assembled form a 110-inch display, with an 8K definition, which is already more than enough.

In this sense, the firm announces that it is working on a new edgeless version to facilitate the assembly of several screens, the integration of wireless charging, and the publication of an API (programming interface) to allow third-party developers to create apps.

Displace limits production to just 100 copies, and plans to launch its service with the latest tweaks and innovations around December 2023 to deliver televisions on order.

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