The first Titanfall is also available on Steam

Although Xbox One started the generation with some ups and downs, we can say that these seven years have been very good in terms of launching all kinds of games and that Microsoft’s consoles have fulfilled their role, something that has gotten better thanks to the dedication of people like Phil Spencer.

Many titles have been discovered these years and have become the best that has been played, Titanfall being an experience that changed shooters and that many competing sagas tried to imitate although with less success, Call of Duty being the best example of it.

The two Titanfall installments are now available on Steam

Although today we have two deliveries, the first of them reached the market on PC and exclusively on Xbox consoles, having both an Xbox One version and the last generation with the Xbox 360.

But on PC things have been somewhat limited these years, since the title has only been available on the Origin platform, although a few months ago we are seeing EA change that, bringing Titanfall 2 and other games to the Valve platform, something that has been repeated a few hours ago with the first installment of this saga, that can now also be purchased and Steam Y with a significant discount that surely attracts the attention of more than one player who in his day did not jump to the new frontier.

Something that may also interest new players in this saga is that taking advantage of this release has been added a special pack in which you can get hold of both games for a laughable price, something that is quite tempting.

It’s great to see how the Titanfall saga opens up to new places so that new users can continue to arrive, hopefully the success of this franchise will lead Respawn to soon develop a third installment for the new generation of consoles.

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