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The first units of the electric Volkswagen ID.3 are already delivered to their owners – News – Hybrids and Electric

The great launches of electric cars that this year 2020 has seen materialize, will set the future of the brands in this field for the next few years. The most important launch of the Wolfsburg firm this year, without a doubt, has been that of its flagship electric car, the Volkswagen ID.3, whose first deliveries have just taken place in Germany.

It was last July when Volkswagen Spain launched the ID.3 in its configurator in Spain, thus giving the starting signal to the commercialization of the reference electric car within the range of the German manufacturer. It did so hand in hand with the 1st Plus and 1st Max versions, starting from 43,110 euros before aid. It is now possible to get a more affordable Volkswagen ID.3 in Spain thanks to new equipment lines launched, such as the Life, which starts from 38,670 euros with the 150 kW engine.

Germany, the country of origin of the firm, leads the rest of the countries in which the new Volkswagen electric car will be marketed and has already begun to deliver the first units of the Volkswagen ID.3 to their new owners. As with the Polestar 2 and its first deliveries, it is always easier for the firm, for logistical reasons, to start delivering the first units in their country of origin.

The first delivery of the Volkswagen ID.3 would have taken place in the German city of Dresden, where the firm has its so-called “Transparent Factory”. The first unit delivered, like all those that will follow in the first stages of the commercial life of the electric car, is the special launch version 1st Pro, finished in Glacier White, and with the 58 kWh battery pack.

On the occasion of the first delivery of the Volskwagen ID.3, the German brand has declared that they have already formalized the pre-purchase of 25,000 units of the special edition of the launch of their electric compact, of the total of 30,000 initially planned. Breaking down the total units ordered, between Germany and the Netherlands they accumulate more than 7,000 orders each, followed closely by the market leaders in terms of share of electrified cars sold, Norway and Sweden.

All this encourages the Germans to continue with the deliveries of their electric car, whose next units will be destined to the rest of the country’s dealerships with previously reserved units. To put into context the logistical demand that the first deliveries of the ID.3 entails to Volkswagen, this weekend only at the Autostadt headquarters of the firm, more than 40 units of the German electric were delivered.

The first units that arrive in Spain, therefore, should materialize their arrival when deliveries are regularized in their country of origin.



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