The first vaccines against the coronavirus ‘made in Granada’ will leave Rovi in ​​five months

The first manufactured coronavirus vaccines on Granada will be ready in five months, according to the calculations of the pharmaceutical company Rovi, which this week confirmed that its plant in the PTS will elaborate the active principle of the serum based on messenger RNA, some previous and additional actions to the work of formulation, filling and finishing of the same. This has been stipulated by the vice president and CFO of Rovi, Javier López-Belmonte during the visit made by the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno placeholder image, to the company’s facilities. Moreno highlighted that “Granada is on the world map of the fight against Covid”.

The production planned by the company is to produce more than one hundred million annual doses of Moderna’s vaccine and it will mean doubling the number of workers at Rovi, which would go from a current workforce of around one hundred employees to just over 200 “highly qualified”. In addition, in the near future the current plant that is being built in the Metropolitan Industrial and Technological Park of Granada, located in Escúzar, and whose works are well advanced when construction began less than a year ago.

In order to Juanma Moreno placeholder image, that Granada manufactures the active principle of the Moderna vaccine at the Rovi facilities “marks an unprecedented milestone in Andalusia” that “opens us up with greater hope” and places the province and the community “on the world map of the fight against Covid”. Furthermore, the future market for vaccines places the region in an “advantageous situation”. “Very few places in the world can say that they have a company that is going to manufacture a vaccine against Covid with a state-of-the-art technology such as Messenger RNA. It is a source of satisfaction and pride, “he concluded.

In this way, the chairman stressed the need to strengthen “the public-private partnership” so that there is more investment and high-quality employment, and stressed that Rovi laboratories They are among the twelve companies that “invest the most in development in Spain”, so they welcomed their commitment to Granada even before it was “urbanized” in Health Technology Park: “This bet is a symbol of a company that risks investing in Andalusia and in a province. I am glad that they trust Granada because it will never fail you.”

For its part, Javier López-Belmonte, Vice President of Rovi, stressed that “it is a day of satisfaction and happiness” for the company, the visit of the Chairman of the Board for the “support” and “confidence” that he gives them in their work. The leader welcomed the fact that his laboratories are “helping to alleviate this situation of unprecedented health and economic crisis with the manufacture of vaccines.”

López-Belmonte described it as a “great step” for Rovi to manufacture the active principle of the Modern, with whom they signed the agreement last July, since the “mRNA technology that is the future and present of vaccines.” The leader stressed that the forecast is that “more than one hundred million doses per year” will be produced in the laboratories of Granada and hopes “take out in five months” the first doses.

“Granada is the jewel in Rovi’s crown”said the vice president of the company, who stated that “the pandemic is not going to stop Rovi in ​​Andalusia”, putting as an example the 32 million investment in the new Escúzar plant.


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