The first vegan butcher to open in London sells all day one

Butcher shop and veganism are two words that, a priori, cannot be combined. However, some UK entrepreneurs decided to go for something that was not London and they opened the first vegan butcher shop from the British capital. They never imagined that their success would be so overwhelming: queues formed before the opening and in just 5 hours they sold all the stocks.

The success was repeated the next day, again selling what was on the shelves. But after such a feat, the promoters of this idea had news to celebrate: your online store was sold out. In just ten days, they had been able to sell the entire stock of the virtual store.

Matthew and Ruth, the owners of the company, explain to Traveler that “we are completely overwhelmed with love and support that we have received from our clients during the last weeks! This shows that there is a great appetite for foods of plant origin. But its success is no accident.

The years being a reference

While their success has been overwhelming, for those of you who already knew these entrepreneurs, this is no surprise. They carry two years living in the famous Camden Market with a restaurant offering “vegan versions of classic American cuisine.” This had made it one of the city’s favorite places to enjoy vegan food, making the butcher shop the next natural stop.

On the shelves of Rudy’s, as the company is called, you can find the classic vegan burgers, but also blood sausage, smoked ham, bacon, or meatballs… All vegan, that is, without any ingredient from the animal world. They themselves are in charge of preparing the different foods since, in this way, “we know exactly what we are selling to our consumers.”

Ruth and Matthew explain that “we have shown that our meat substitutes are so good like the real ones, and what better way to certify it than with this store. In this way, vegans and flexitarians no longer need to rest to have the best vegan experience; Now they can walk to our butcher shop, fill their refrigerators, and create their own herbal masterpieces at home. We are very excited! “

Bring this success the next step is to develop the business, once they realized that vegan foods are more and more accepted. For that, they look for a place where they can expand their kitchens and, with it, their bottom line. At the moment, from Spain, you cannot buy in the Rudy’s online store, but they do not exclude that it may be carried out in the near future.

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