The first wearable air conditioner, priced at $ 159, was launched

The launch of the first wearable air conditioner, priced at $ 159

Due to the very high temperature during the summer, all people dream of owning an air conditioner that they can carry and move with it from one place to another. In this article, you will find all the information related to the advanced air conditioner.

Launching the first wearable air conditioner

Metaura Pro launched the first neckband air conditioner to get rid of the sweltering summer heat and get the humid air emitted by this device.

Features of the first wearable air conditioner

  • The device delivers 7 degrees Fahrenheit air cooler than normal air in fan mode, and it will also be able to cool the air up to 18 degrees Fahrenheit in cool mode.
  • For the use of this device will come a dedicated application with which it is possible to regulate the air.
  • The AC wearable will be powered by the Tweet turbo PWM motor.
  • The device will house 26 mini fans. VC panel, liquid-cooled.
  • There is a heat balancing mechanism that will also be present inside the AC.
  • You can wear the device anywhere and take it to work or university.
  • The conditioner can be charged via the USB-C connector.
  • This device is equipped with 121 pairs of semiconductors.
  • It is characterized by being able to cool to high temperatures and thus not feeling high temperatures.
  • The Metaura Pro Wearable Cooling Collar features a premium battery that can be quickly charged for up to 8 hours of operation on a single charge.
  • The total weight of this device is 435 grams.
  • Easy to put on and use but so big that it is easy to see.
  • There is currently no information about the sound produced by this device.
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The price of the new air conditioner from Metaura Pro

The price of the new air conditioner has been announced by the company, and the middle class can buy it, as it is not at a high price as some think, as the total price for it is 159 US dollars, or about 12,000 Indian rupees.

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