The five scandals "self-destructive of the intelligent" Óscar Puente’s stalker and his attempt to "enter the sets charging"

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After the altercation that took place on the AVE with the deputy Oscar Puentethe psychologist, actor, monologist and even firefighter Lucas Burgueño He made a video statement addressed to the media interested in speaking with him. He wore a suit and tie, spoke while leaning back in a chair, and used an arrogant tone. «To all the media that you want to come to your set. You have to give me two interviewers. It will be on Monday afternoon, and I am going to propose five questions and you are going to propose five questions. First my five questions will be asked and then the five questions that you want, whatever you want. If you want to ask me about my criminal record, we talk about criminal records. Do you want to ask me if I do cocaine, are you trying to defame me with that? “We’re talking about cocaine,” he detailed his condition between puffs of a cigar. «The interview will last half an hour, 35 minutes at most. Second, you are going to pay me, because I am worth it. So I’m already waiting for your offers, we want cheles, as Morad says and then I’ll pay Morad for the next album, which I love. Morad, I love you, you’re a crack.” Burgueño continued by providing an email address so that interested parties could send him the proposals along with a contract that exactly reflected his conditions. “Oh, how I’m having fun, damn it!” he finished.

A psychologist colleague who has dealt with him describes him as “a textbook narcissist.” And he thinks: «He is the typical histrionic, hysterical, who seeks prominence, for the media to talk about him, nothing more. He is looking for a springboard that will take him to the sets.

In that key, that of causing a media stir as a platform to end in a reality show, the incident with Óscar Puente could be interpreted. But in the list of scandals in which he has been a main actor, there are much more serious events than rebuking a deputy on the AVE by delaying the departure by 22 minutes.

His arrest, shortly after midnight this Tuesday for coercion and trespassing, is only the latest entry in his police file. The alleged victim on this occasion, according to the facts detailed by several local media, would be a young woman who shares a home with Burgueño’s partner in an apartment in the La Victoria neighborhood, in Valladolid. According to Europa Press, the young woman was making a video call in the kitchen when Burgueño, 34, allegedly scolded her to hang up on her. The confrontation would have started because she was speaking badly about him. Her partner’s partner refused to stop communicating, so Burgueño snatched the phone from her and told her that she was going to put it in the microwave. The woman then took refuge in her room and Lucas Burgueño allegedly forcibly entered her room and threw several objects. After notifying the Police, the agents arrested him and took him to the police station cells.

A teacher who participated in Burgueño’s training as a psychologist explains to this newspaper that her cell phone is full of videos of Lucas Burgueño that other people who know him have sent her in disbelief at the attitude he shows in them. «He is intelligent, well trained and has many capabilities. I’m shocked because I don’t recognize it in his behavior lately, not even in his verbal attitude. I don’t know if he is suffering something personal, because I don’t understand the self-destructive behavior that he has,” she says, surprised by the press headlines that his former student has recently been starring in.

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