The five-year-old hides on the roof of the medical center to avoid being circumcised


A five-year-old Indonesian child escaped from doctors and his mother and organized a protest sit-in on the roof of a medical center to escape circumcision.

To be honest, it's a fairly difficult procedure to explain to a guy. You should imagine that you wouldn't be too keen on the idea once you realized what it meant.

You would be right.

As soon as he entered the place and discovered what would happen to him, the child abruptly turned away from the scene and somehow managed to get on the roof, where he remained for the next two hours.

His mother and the doctors didn't want to go up there after him, in case he made another daring escape attempt and became more dangerous.

Incidentally, it is normal for boys in Indonesia to be circumcised at the age of five. This practice is the norm for Muslim families and their children, and most of the population of Indonesia is Muslim.

It is not as if this was not something that millions of other children have never had before him.

The difference is that he managed to get out and get on the roof of the medical center.

One of the doctors involved in this strange – if a little funny – scenario was Dr. Anik Sutari. He shared his disbelief, along with some photos of the patient he objected to, on his Facebook page.

The dott. Sutari said: "During my professional history, for the past 20 years I have been doing circumcisions and the thousands of children I have circumcised, this is the first time I see a child fleeing to the top of the roof."

As mentioned above, they didn't want to go up there to chase the boy if they frightened him. So with that in mind, they tried something a little different.

They called the help of a teacher with whom the boy has a good relationship. The idea was that the teacher would kindly coaxed the boy so that he could have the procedure.

To their surprise and relief, it actually worked.

Dr Anik Sutari. Credit: AsiaWire
Dr Anik Sutari. Credit: AsiaWire

The dott. Sutari continued: "It's true … As soon as the teacher arrives, with a little persuasion, the child finally wants to get off …

"And even more magical, the child goes to the circumcision clinic and positions himself for the procedure without being guided or forced."

In addition, the doctor reported that the child was as good as gold during the trial. He didn't cry, he didn't make a fuss.

However, the operation took place at the end three hours later than expected.

Featured image credit: AsiaWire



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