The flag bearer of the Lithuanian national team took six kimonos on the Olympic trip Sports

S.Jablonskytė reached the acclimatization camp in Hiracuka in the middle of this week after a day-long voyage. From Kaunas to Vilnius Airport, from there to Helsinki and finally at 10 am. flight to Japan. It would seem that the difficult journey must have exhausted the Olympian, but as soon as he got off the plane, he wiped out all the fatigue by hand. Lithuania was greeted at the hotel by a poster made by locals with its image and wishes of success. The same poster accompanies her to the gym. Although the athlete smiled not knowing why she was the only one from our entire country delegation to receive such exceptional attention, the Japanese sympathies may be to blame. True, it is not clear to whom more: their national sport or Lithuania itself.

In Japan, S. Jablonskytė will spend more than half a month, so she prepared for the trip by thinking about all aspects. It took a lot of time to fill in all the necessary travel and other documents, to upload various data to a special phone app. With its help, the organizers of the games will follow the data about each athlete, his health condition, other data. Athletes are also waiting for the COVID-19 test marathon. From this mandatory treatment at the hotel, each morning will begin. Between 7.30 and 8 p.m. in the morning, the officials in charge will knock on the door of the room every day, so the Olympians are not threatened to sleep longer.

Even experienced travelers have had to look responsibly at a seemingly elementary aspect like stacking suitcases. They were mostly occupied by sportswear. If Lithuanian national costume sets are standard for all our Olympians, then she had to take care of training equipment and a kimono herself. Since the athlete still has a lot of training to do before the Olympic start, she put on as many as 6 kimono sets.

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In Hiracuka, S. Jablonskytė was greeted by an already familiar environment, because together with other Olympians, she visited here a few years ago, when the Olympic bases were evaluated. And then, and now Kaunas residents were very impressed by the hotels, gyms, general organizational level. The athlete, to whom coaches Vigmantas Sinkevičius and Danguolė Novikovienė mainly contribute at home, is training in Japan only with D. Novikovienė. She will later join a group of Sakartwell athletes who will arrive early next week. photo / S.Jablonskytė with coaches

“Sakartvele, with the help of coach Eduard Techov, has been preparing for the Olympics for several months, because the representatives of this country are quite strong in judo sports, and our federation has established friendly relations with them. They kindly agreed to work together here in Japan as well. It is very useful for me, because it is usually difficult to find strong training partners, ”said S.Jablonskytė.

The judo fighter originally planned to fly to Japan much later, as its launch is scheduled for July 30th only. On the other hand, there will be more time for acclimatization. Theoretically, it is estimated that it takes about 10 days to fully get used to the Japanese time zone. According to Sandra, she was preparing for the Olympics by planning to initially achieve the best sports form for the European Championships in Portugal in mid-April. There, the athlete repeated his best result – took the 5th place.

This was followed by trips to international tournaments and heavy training camps in Sakartvele. Initially, the camps were run twice a day, later the workload decreased. A couple of weeks before the Olympic flight to Japan, she returned to Lithuania, where she had to sort out the accumulated household affairs and put together the last details of the trip.

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Lithuania does not yet know which opponent will be determined by the Olympic spells. The only fact is that there are no weak opponents in the games.

“Knowing that we got here after overcoming a lot of competition and after a long selection, all the girls are worthy to be here. I’m not at the top of the world rankings, so it’s clear I’ll have to fight with titled rivals. It would only be good not to get something from the most capable eight right away, “the interlocutor considered.

S.Jablonskytė, who will start in the weight category over 78 kg, will become only the second Lithuanian judo Olympian in the entire history of sports in our country.

Asked about her goal in Tokyo, Kaunas responded:

“For me it will be an Olympic debut, I am grateful to fate and the coaches for such an opportunity. And I only want one thing: that after the games I can honestly say to myself that I did everything in my power in Japan. “


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