The flagship electric car Mercedes EQS seen on tests – Autoreview


The largest of the future Mercedes electric cars has already been welcomed by automobile spies on the roads. However, on a new series of shots, the car appears with a more modest mimicry and allows you to more accurately represent the appearance of the production model.

However, the camouflage film, coupled with smooth contours, does not provide a definitive answer on the body type. Most likely, the new Mercedes EQS will be the liftback – even faster than the current five-door Mercedes CLS and AMG GT sedan. The dimensions of the car will approach the S class and the pace, due to the peculiarities of the electric platform, could increase further.

Apparently, the appearance with the triangular headlights in the spirit of the A-class will also not be a turning point in design. Although we can expect some color solutions already tested on the first production EQ model, the Mercedes EQC crossover.

As for the technology, the Mercedes EQS will most likely be offered with different variants of traction batteries, which will allow you to drive from 400 to 550 km on a single charge. The first version will be more dynamic: we are waiting for overclocking on "hundred" in about four seconds. A modification with a large power reserve will be slower if this word is applicable to an "accelerated" car in six seconds. EQS will surely be equipped with an 800-volt electrical system that allows you to quickly replenish battery power.

The leading electric car is expected to be presented at the end of 2020, almost simultaneously with the start of production. And in the sale of such machines should go to the beginning of 2021-th. By the way, the traditional S-class of the new W 223 series should appear on the market around the same time.



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