The flagship Mercedes promises a range of 770 km and very fast charging

The very first unveiling of the hitherto disguised EQS model will take place on April 15, when the German Mercedes has its premiere scheduled. And apparently there is something to look forward to, because the electric sedan will bring a whole range of very interesting and revolutionary systems or functions.

For example, the Germans boasted that the model would reach the market with a power range from 325 to 512 horsepower. But this is just the beginning, because Mercedes is also preparing at least two stronger variants. The maximum speed of the electric car is electronically limited to 210 kilometers per hour.

Mercedes-Benz EQS

Photo: Mercedes-Benz

In the floor there will be new revolutionary batteries with a higher density and a usable capacity of 90 and 107.8 kWh, respectively. The manufacturer then states that the batteries are as much as 26% more efficient than in the EQC SUV, while they contain only 10% cobalt. Advanced cooling and heating of the modules should be an important element.

Mercedes has a 10-year or 250,000-kilometer battery warranty. The software that controls everything can be updated remotely, so the car will have the latest systems for life.

The batteries are undoubtedly related to the electrical range and possible charging of the EQS. According to the WLTP methodology, the model with a larger battery can travel up to 770 kilometers on a single charge. The car also supports state-of-the-art fast charging of up to 200 kW, so it gets another range of 300 kilometers in just 15 minutes.

In addition to the drive and batteries, Mercedes also presented some interesting data from the wind tunnel. Here, the EQS model recorded very good numbers, which, according to the manufacturer, allegedly set a world record for a mass-produced vehicle. The measurements showed the coefficients of air resistance around the body and chassis at Cx 0.20.

Mercedes-Benz EQS

Photo: Mercedes-Benz

For everything else, however, we will have to wait for April 15, when Mercedes will officially launch the EQS model. It should be the second purely electric model from a traditional German manufacturer. Mercedes thus begins the journey, which it plans to end in 2039. At this time, its fleet will be purely carbon-neutral vehicles.

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