The flamenco night of the Sevillian Grammys

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During the last four days, more than 10 events related to the Latin Grammys have been held in Seville. Among them, the delivery of the Special Awards, a talk by Laura Pausini at the Francisco Guerrero Conservatory, a showcase of Interscope (in which the Spanish companies participated Judeline y Little bird), a busy party called by Alejandro Sanz and a concert, held in the mythical Plaza de España, called Flamenco is Universal.

The show, organized by Universal Music, featured more than 130 artists on stage, among which stood out Carmen Linares, Sara Baras, Luis el Zambo, Rafael Riqueni, Tomatito and José Mercéwho tried to pay tribute to stars like Manolo Caracol and Manolo Sanlúcar. “Today we will remember true legends,” the record company mentioned at the beginning. However, some invited artists seemed to have no idea who they were talking about. Above all, international singers.

“To be honest, I don’t know much about flamenco and I have no references in the genre. But I am a curious person. I wouldn’t dare to make a flamenco song by myself, because I think it would be cultural appropriation, but I do feel interested. So if someone calls me to try to do something, I’m delighted. For example, Rosalía… Or any of the artists I’m going to meet today!” said the Brazilian singer. Anittato THE WORLD.

“What do I know about flamenco? More than anything, I know to Camarón and Paco de Lucía. But I respect the genre a lot. I have been in several places listening to it and I think that today I am going to be moved, because I admire the artists who dedicate themselves to flamenco. “I wouldn’t even feel capable of playing flamenco guitar, it’s immensely difficult, so I think tonight I’ll be very surprised,” said the Colombian. Juanes.

On the other hand, a long list of Spanish artists walked the very long red carpet, which was more than 30 meters long. For example, the actress Belen Lopezthe DJs Mëstiza, Pastora Vega and Antonio José, who was delighted that -finally- the Latin Grammys are landing in Spain. “It was our turn. The greatness of Andalusia deserves something as great as these awards,” he stated. An opinion that was seconded Maria del Monte.

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