The flu shot reduces the risk of heart attacks!

Researchers at the University of Toronto, at the beginning of this year, have published a pioneering study linking infarcts and influence.

The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, was conducted by Dr. Jeffrey Kwong and his colleagues, about 20,000 people who have been confirmed to have influence.

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The team found that the risk of a heart attack increases by 600% within one week of influenza, with the influence also increasing the risk of respiratory infections.

The researchers said their discovery of the high risk of flu on heart attacks poses a new challenge for them and health professionals in treating patients with heart disease.

The researchers noted that there is a simple solution to protect the heart, which is the flu vaccine, which will provide the vaccine with a "protective heart dose".

Likewise, researchers from the National Institute of Infectious Diseases and the Taiwan Disease Survey conducted a medical examination of 80,000 elderly patients over the age of 13. The study found that annual influenza vaccination reduces the risk of heart attack by 20% and provides similar protection against strokes.

The flu vaccine not only reduces the risk of heart attack, but also protects patients already suffering from heart disease, according to a study by the George Institute of World Health of the University of Oxford examining the medical records of 59,000 patients with heart failure.

The researchers found that patients who received flu shots were 27% less likely to have heart failure complications.

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Unlike most vaccines that target a type of infection, there are many strains or types of flu. Every year scientists predict a more common type and recommend annual vaccination against this specific strain.

Uncertainty about the common type of influenza means that the vaccine is not always very effective. On average, the effectiveness of the annual flu vaccine is between 50% and 70%.

Interestingly, even when flu shots are not 100% effective against the virus, they still provide protection against heart disease.

Misleading media information about the flu vaccine is increasingly leading people to avoid the vaccine and constantly questioning its effectiveness and health value, notes Kwong and colleagues.

Since this is the season of influence, according to Dr. Kwong is useful to get the vaccine for the maintenance of public health and heart health.

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