The folding iPhone close to becoming a reality; Apple is already working on several prototypes with this screen, according to Bloomberg

Apple is working on a foldable iPhone and is testing various prototype screens of this type internally, according to a report by Bloomberg.

Although it is likely that this team will not reach stores this 2021, the report indicates that for now it only works on the development of the screen and not on the rest of the team.

Apple goes for folding

According Bloomberg, the initial prototypes are similar to the folding screens used by companies like Motorola or Samsung.

The California company wants its phones of this type to use an “almost invisible hinge” and that they can be a size similar to that of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, although various screen sizes are evaluated.

According to the sites MacRumors and the Economic Daily News, before testing the screen of Apple’s foldable, the use of technology from collar OLED o Micro-LED, because choosing either option will affect subsequent assembly methods.

These media claim that Apple asked Foxconn to evaluate devices with over 100,000 open and close tests. The report notes that similar tests for normal laptops require them to be opened and closed between 20,000 and 30,000 times.

Regarding other Apple products, Bloomberg assures that this year’s iPhones may incorporate an in-screen fingerprint sensor, but is “still testing” this technology before its inclusion in equipment.

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