The food protects the body from the flu and from the cold: today Egyptian


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Since we enjoy rain and cold during the winter season, we can not avoid the high probability of seasonal influence during this time: with low temperatures and adverse weather conditions, the chances of contracting colds, viral fever or flu during this period are high.

Therefore, we must protect ourselves from this common influence and its symptoms, and there are some foods that can help by boosting the immune system, these foods contain high nutritional value and are readily available in your kitchen. Here are some foods you can include In your daily diet against the flu:

Leafy vegetables:

Adding green leafy vegetables to your diet can protect your body from various diseases because it is a good source of vitamins like A, C and E, thus improving your immune system.


Garlic is one of the most common food ingredients in cooking, not only because it adds a delicious flavor to recipes, but because of its healthy value known since antiquity, garlic contains antiviral and antifungal properties and bacteria.

The best way to get the maximum benefit from garlic is to take it raw, as it works in this case as an antibiotic that has no side effects.

– Yogurt

The probiotics found in yogurt are the best source of good bacteria, which not only helps in digestion but also helps strengthen the immune system, prevents inflammation and regulates metabolism.


Like garlic, it should be part of your daily diet during the winter, because it helps to warm the body, purifies the respiratory system and helps to get rid of the sore throat and cough, which are the symptoms of our association during the winter.

Citrus fruits

Like orange, lemon, tomato, pineapple and pepper are forms rich in vitamin C that helps build a strong immune system, especially because citrus fruits contain antioxidants that increase the efficiency of body organs to cope with any infection.



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