The Football Association is looking forward to the reversal of the decline against Vietnam

Original title: The Football Association is looking forward to the reversal of the decline in Vietnam against the national football team to prepare for hard training

Article source: Beijing Youth Daily

According to the plan, the Chinese men’s football team will conduct the first outdoor training after arriving in Sharjah, UAE on the evening of September 12, local time. This means that before the start of training, the team will rarely rest for 3 days. Considering that the team is about to train in Sharjah and live for at least one month, the front working group and coaching staff of the Chinese Football Association decided to use the “scientific and humane” management of the team from the perspective of taking a few days off to arrange a group outing for the team to help the players. Relieve physical and mental fatigue, so that they can concentrate on more difficult preparations.

The team has a 3-day holiday to prepare for hard training

On the afternoon of September 10, local time, all members of the Chinese team collectively left the resident hotel and then went out for activities. This is also the first time for the delegation to go out collectively during the training camp since all the members were gathered in Shanghai on August 18.

Since arriving in Sharjah on the evening of the 8th local time to this time out, the Chinese team has been off for 2 consecutive days. It is understood that taking into account the preparatory team preparations in Shanghai and Doha, Qatar, the game schedule is intensive, and the team members are generally tired. The front working group and coaching staff of the Chinese Football Association have communicated and decided to arrange the whole team to take a three-day vacation in Sharjah. The training here officially started in the evening.

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In fact, as the opponent of the Chinese team in the next round of the top 12, the Vietnam team has also been on holiday after suffering a two-game losing streak. With the temporary suspension of the Vietnamese league, the Vietnamese team will also face long-term training. For this reason, Park Hengxu, the South Korean coach of the Vietnam team, decided to take a week off for the team. In contrast, the rest period of the Chinese team is actually very short. It can be seen that the Chinese Football Association and the Chinese team’s coaching staff are full of expectations for the team to reverse the decline in the third round of the game, and they are also ready to “work hard in Sharjah” for this purpose.

“Forget about the game for a while, but can’t live without football”

During the rare three-day holiday, members of the Chinese team wanted to “forget the game temporarily,” but they were inseparable from football. For example, affected by the epidemic, the Chinese team spent most of their time in the resident hotel during their stay in Sharjah. Even if you go to training, competition venues, or participate in other outings, you must strictly abide by the local epidemic prevention regulations and commute collectively. Therefore, in addition to taking advantage of opportunities such as group meals to communicate with each other in the chartered hotel, most of the international players stay in the hotel room to spend time according to personal habits. Among them, business exchanges related to the top 12 competitions also took up a considerable part of their time.

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For the coaching staff and the members of the Chinese Football Association working group, going to the stadium for a friendly football match is already a relatively ideal way of leisure and entertainment. “Speaking of which, we still love football. It’s good to be able to play with the national team coaching staff and learn to learn.” said a team member.

A closed environment poses the greatest spiritual challenge

According to the calendar, the Chinese team will face the Vietnam team in Sharjah on the evening of October 7th local time. In this way, even if the Chinese team can return to China for the two home games in November, they will have to stay in Sharjah for at least one. moon. During this period, the biggest challenge faced by the whole team and the whole delegation may not be high-intensity training and hot weather, but from their own spiritual level. To live and work in a long-term closed environment, delegation members need to do a good job of self-psychological adjustment, but also need to use external means to relieve mental fatigue.

Based on the above reasons, the delegation decided to arrange the whole team to go out during the three-day holiday. “Later, the team’s training will definitely be increased, so it is really necessary for the players to leave the hotel and walk around, take a look, and adjust.” An insider explained.

In fact, the purpose of making the above arrangements is to ensure that the team can complete high-quality training in the next month. It is reported that when the international footballers are resting, the Chinese Football Association working group has completed the inspection of the training venue. The Chinese team will train in two venues at the training base of the Sharjah Club. Although all levels of the club also trained in the base during the same period, the Sharjah Club reserved its two best training venues for the Chinese team to use through the Chinese Football Association. Judging from the preparation experience of the top 40 games, the quality of the turf of the local club training ground can greatly reduce the chance of non-competitive injuries.Return to Sohu to see more

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